March 27-29, 2020

Welcome to the Sunshine Grand Prix, our annual Professional & Amateur Cycling and
Fun & Healthy Living event in our beautiful West Coast of Florida.

Our 5th edition offers 3 days of racing
(Rolling Circuit Race, Downtown Criterium Race, Hilly Road Race),
multiple outdoor community activities and challenges, a free downtown concert,
a festival atmosphere, and more…


We are very thankful to the stellar and caring group of individuals who chose to lead and to serve in making this event a reality. It has been humbling to see the power of a vision engaging, empowering, and providing significance to so many people involved.

The significance of this event will permeate throughout our community. From individuals, to corporations, to schools, to organizations; everyone will feel the excitement, enjoy every activity, and change habits for the better. Our light will shine brightly navigating each of us towards a more safe, fun, and healthy living!

We appreciate your participation and support, and that of our wonderful sponsors, and from the City of Inverness and Citrus County, among others.

The Sunshine Grand Prix is an initiative of the Florida Cycling Foundation, Inc, our 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. All funds received by the Florida Cycling Foundation, Inc, for the purpose of the Sunshine Grand Prix will be used to cover the operational deficit to produce the event and to activate the marketing & communications requirements of our sponsors. The surplus will be used to impact the local charities selected by our board of directors and sponsors, and to fund our foundation’s goals.

Primary Goals

  • 01

    Improve collaboration among all cycling stakeholders

  • 02

    Improve access and safety of cycling in our communities

  • 03

    Improve programming of cycling related activities in our schools

  • 04

    Improve promotion of our region as a cycling and healthy living destination

Sunshine Grand Prix's Structure


Pablo Santa Cruz

Pablo Santa Cruz


Brandon Hicks

Brandon Hicks


Marty Bates

Marty Bates